May 21

May 21, 2018
Stefan Heller

My goal for this year is to provide more frequent updates.

Congratulations to Amanda for being selected as recipient of an A.P. Giannini Foundation fellowship!

Also, a nice article just came out today about our work on the chicken cochlea: To hear again – birds regrow damaged inner ear cells. Why can’t we? — by Tracie White, for the Stanford Medicine Magazine.  This is about Amanda’s work on the chicken cochlea, but it also covers work done by three of her postdoc colleagues, Mirko, Daniel, and Nesrine.  Figuring out how chickens manage to regenerate inner ear sensory hair cells is a massive team work effort that our laboratory has started a few years back and it will be a major focus as we move forward.  The goal is to figure out how hair cells are being regenerated in the cochlea as well as in the vestibular system and to utilize this knowledge to inform strategies to trigger regeneration in the mammalian cochlea.