September 2019

Sep 10, 2019
Stefan Heller

It does not seem to be difficult to write an update once in a while, but – well – it obviously is not the top priority.

This year has been different from previous years in the sense that the lab has made quite a number of exciting discoveries that are pretty much all the product of our investment into single cell transcriptomics.

Our current goal is to submit and ultimately publish a first series of papers that will become a foundation for upcoming mechanistic studies aimed to unravel the sequence of signaling events that control hair cell regeneration in birds. In turn, we hope that these findings will be translated towards figuring out why mammalian inner ears have lost the ability to regenerate hair cells, particularly in the organ of Corti.

I will not promise to provide frequent updates any more – they will just happen, I hope.

Finally, this year is the first year we skipped our annual hiking trip. We have to fix this next year 🙂