Additional information for PhD students interested in joining us for Postdoctoral Research

Please contact me at least one year in advance of your desired start date.  Postdocs who have been doing well in my group bring exceptional motivation, clear communication skills, creativity, focus, and independence.  I encourage every single postdoc to apply for independent fellowships.  Stanford has strict rules on minimizing lengthy postdoctoral stints and discourages applications of candidates who already have more than 2 years experience.


Additional information for incoming graduate students

We currently welcome graduate students. If you are already at Stanford and interested in rotating with us, please email me.  If you are interested in the Stanford graduate programs, please read about the requirements at the Stanford Biosciences website.  We are affiliated with all home programs.  Please list me as a potential advisor when applying and please send me an email to introduce yourself.


Additional information for medical doctors interested in joining us for Postdoctoral Research

Please contact me at least one year in advance of your desired start date. Our research topics, historically, have been complex and require at least 2 years of dedicated focus. Postdocs on these short stints who have been doing well in the past were especially motivated, creative, and highly independent. You are expected to successfully apply for an independent full fellowship before you start in the lab. We rarely have funds to supplement fellowships.


Additional information for Stanford undergraduate students

We have opportunities for undergraduate research projects. I encourage undergraduates to explore the Amgen Scholars program, Bio-X, as well as the SURF program. Please email Dr. Heller if interested.


Additional information for high school students

We occasionally accept high school students for summer internships and encourage interested students to consult the Science Outreach programs website. We only accept students who successfully applied to one of the official Stanford programs such as SIMR.  If you are interested in such an internship, please contact Dr. Heller in early January.  Please note that most of the Stanford programs favor local high schools.


If you are unable to follow the recommendations above, please mention this in your email and please provide an explanation.